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Why Live in the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood?


Across the nation there is a growing trend of people moving back to the city core. You can now take advantage of this rapidly growing trend. The City of Paducah is committed to revitalizing its older neighborhoods and transforming them back to the grandeur the community once enjoyed. Lowertown was the first undertaking of this effort and the community as a whole has embraced its great success. The Fountain Avenue project offers anyone interested the opportunity to be a part of the new old neighborhood (neotraditional) renaissance.

Kennedy Heights Urban Design Plan Approved


Cincinnati City Council unanimously approved both the Kennedy Heights Urban Design Plan and the Kennedy Heights Urban Overlay District. The design plan sets ground rules for the type and appearance of business and residential development along the Montgomery Road corridor, mainly around the area of the Kennedy Heights Arts Center and the Montgomery/Kennedy intersection. The overlay district will act as the enforcement arm, requiring all building permits within the district to be reviewed for compliance by a zoning hearing examiner.

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