Genk Masterplan: A proposal by 51n4e


Contrary to what is assumed by its administration, we do not believe that Genk is in need of a city center. The city of Genk is a juxtaposition of rather indifferent parts developed along its main roads. Traditional notions of urban continuity are scarce and only revealed on a pedestrian level. This basic duality (extreme car accessibility combined with loops of pedestrian traffic) is taken up as the driving force of the masterplan: Slow Genk Fast Genk.

In our proposal, alterations to the road infrastructure define various development area, each with their own spatial characteristics, programmatic focus and indentifiable sub-centers. Together they form the future perception of the city: a new image of Genk.

As a case study for possible development, two infrastructural nodes are rearranged to better define the Shopping Strip. At these locations, different modes of transport are interconnected in a new urban setting, with added public and retail program. These projects reveal the true urban potential of Genk: to be a city on a Euregional scale.

For more on the project visit 51n4e

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