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Critical Discourse: The F Word in Architecture

In The F Word In Architecture: Feminist Analyses in/of/for Architecture Sherry Ahrentzen talks about what gender has to do with architecture. She explains that gender is not necessarily sex, but a reflection of how social expectations, beliefs, and positions treat the biological characteristics of sex to form a system of values and identities. The amount of women architects in the past and present is quite limited. Architecture seems to be a male dominated profession with little feminism movements throughout the years, however, there are a large number of other professions in the world that are also male dominated and many of them have had more successful feminist accomplishments. This makes one wonder why is this not true in the architecture profession?

Further Cause for Canadian Triumphalism


Why are US cities so much weaker on this score? Lots of factors, but a big one has to be the decentralization of employment. The classic suburban business park, which is pretty much impossible for transit to serve effectively, is far more prevalent in the US than in Canada or Australia. From what I know of Vancouver and Australian cities, most business park development has some nexus with industry, whose space needs justify the low density. Recently we’ve seem some more American-inspired versions, but nothing on the scale and extent that’s common around US cities.

Australia Award for Urban Design 2009 winners announced

The winners of Australia’s most prestigious award for excellence and innovation in urban design were announced at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra on Tuesday, August 11. The Australia Award for Urban Design highlights the best of design in the built environment and acknowledges the critical role of good urban design in the development of Australia’s towns and cities.

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