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Christoph Gielen: Photographing the Bird’s Eye View of Urban Sprawl


Christoph Gielen is a photographer born in Germany but currently lives in New York. He has been taking pictures of landscapes in America, particularly pictures of urban sprawl. These photos (or aerial studies) are a look at land use in American and are meant to explore how art and the environment relate. These photos are meant to examine and reconsider the way we are designing the built environment. He understands that the way we are currently building suburbia is not sustainable and this type of development needs to stop.

Australia Award for Urban Design 2009 winners announced

The winners of Australia’s most prestigious award for excellence and innovation in urban design were announced at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra on Tuesday, August 11. The Australia Award for Urban Design highlights the best of design in the built environment and acknowledges the critical role of good urban design in the development of Australia’s towns and cities.

The Dongtan Eco-City: China’s Attmept to Make a Carbon Neutral City


In 2005, the Shanghai Industrial Investment Corporation (SIIC) hired the global design, engineering and business consultancy firm Arup to design and plan a city. The goal was to make it as close to carbon neutral and zero waste as possible. When Dongtan Eco-City is built on an island near Shanghai, this development could bring increased sustainability to a region rife with crowding and pollution.

Top 20 Urban Planning Successes of All Time

Planning a great yet functional urban area takes innovation as well as knowledge. The following top 20 urban planning successes of all time range from the Taos Pueblo to the current functionality presented by Camden Town, London. In between, you’ll discover plenty of examples of urban planning that stood the test of time or that successfully remedied the ravages of time.

Video Game Design and How It Relates to Urban Design


Video Game design is built in a whole new world, a world that does not have to deal with politics and social issues. Urban design is closely connected to the social issues in this world and many could argue that there would be no need for urban design without a social cause. None-the-less, the foundation of urban design and video game design are the same and that is to create spaces that have an effect on the interaction of people.

What is the social responsibility of architects?

Architects have a social responsibility to understand the true needs of the ones that they are serving. Sometimes the needs of the people of the community and the needs of the surrounding environment are not the same. Architecture should not be a competition for fame or recognition. It should be designed primarily to serve.

Bye, McMansion. Americans go for smaller homes


“Home buyers are asking for less, cutting back on options and reducing square footage,“ said Steven Pace of the North Carolina-based Pace Development Group, which builds both custom and tract houses ranging in price from below $250,000 to more than $2 million.

The Top Schools For Urban Planners

Top Planning Schools in the US

The Planetizen 2009 Guide to Graduate Urban Planning Programs — the essential resource for prospective planning students — is now available. Covering 100 programs in the United States and Canada, the Guide features detailed program profiles, listings of the best schools and the insights of current students and planning professionals.

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