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Tian Yi: Masterplan with optimum housing location


In wetlands on the outskirts of the city of Wuxi in eastern China, the new Tian Yi neighbourhood is seeing the light of day. The former industrial area will be integrated into Wuxi’s existing urban structure, and the area’s natural environment will once again have its original flora and fauna. With the focus on sustainability, Tian Yi will be an independent and compact mixed neighbourhood with homes and businesses, allowing residents to fulfil all their needs locally. The area is part of a larger master plan for the 2 kmĀ² big area.

Charming Colonial Streets of San Juan Go Car Free

I’ve had a soft spot for Puerto Rico since taking a work trip there four or five years ago. I’d heard some negative things about the island, which many people seemed to think of as a third-rate part of the Caribbean, but I found much to enjoy — the natural beauty of its coastlines and rainforests, the charming and lively capital of San Juan, not to mention the mofongo and the rum. Fending with the traffic, however, was hardly a highlight. “People complain about traffic jams, but they see congestion as a sign of progress,” an environmentally minded priest told me at the time. Now it seems that attitude may be changing for the better.

Why Live in the Fountain Avenue Neighborhood?


Across the nation there is a growing trend of people moving back to the city core. You can now take advantage of this rapidly growing trend. The City of Paducah is committed to revitalizing its older neighborhoods and transforming them back to the grandeur the community once enjoyed. Lowertown was the first undertaking of this effort and the community as a whole has embraced its great success. The Fountain Avenue project offers anyone interested the opportunity to be a part of the new old neighborhood (neotraditional) renaissance.

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