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The Dongtan Eco-City: China’s Attmept to Make a Carbon Neutral City


In 2005, the Shanghai Industrial Investment Corporation (SIIC) hired the global design, engineering and business consultancy firm Arup to design and plan a city. The goal was to make it as close to carbon neutral and zero waste as possible. When Dongtan Eco-City is built on an island near Shanghai, this development could bring increased sustainability to a region rife with crowding and pollution.

We have allowed developers to rob us of our village green

It took me a while to recognize what I was seeing. It was an ordinary campsite in Pembrokeshire: a square field with tents around the perimeter. But it had a curious effect on the children staying there. Young people who had seldom experienced daylight slowly emerged from their tents and were drawn towards the centre of the field. Bats and balls left on the grass mysteriously appeared in their hands. Children with no prior interest in sport started playing football, cricket and rounders. Little kids ran around with older ones. As children of all classes played together, their parents started talking to each other. It hit me with some force: we had reinvented the village green.

Top 20 Urban Planning Successes of All Time

Planning a great yet functional urban area takes innovation as well as knowledge. The following top 20 urban planning successes of all time range from the Taos Pueblo to the current functionality presented by Camden Town, London. In between, you’ll discover plenty of examples of urban planning that stood the test of time or that successfully remedied the ravages of time.

Video Game Design and How It Relates to Urban Design


Video Game design is built in a whole new world, a world that does not have to deal with politics and social issues. Urban design is closely connected to the social issues in this world and many could argue that there would be no need for urban design without a social cause. None-the-less, the foundation of urban design and video game design are the same and that is to create spaces that have an effect on the interaction of people.

Forms of Resistance: Politics, Culture, and Architecture

In the suburbs, fragmentation is a lot less. People have much more in common and use these common characteristics to make connections with others in the society. I would argue that in a suburb, the word society refers to a group of people who share a common goal while the word society in the city would refer to a group of people who share a common area. The difference is that the suburbs have common culture in housing, schooling, and work.

Cool Green Bus Terminal Coming to San Francisco

San Francisco Transbay Terminal

One of my favorite things to do in Turkey is go down to the main otogar (bus station), ask around for buses to interesting destinations, and hop on. The station itself is no great shakes architecturally or anything, but I love the hustle and bustle and the feeling that a whole country’s worth of options is open to me. That sense of possibility and movement draws me to transit hubs of all kinds, from Grand Central Station to the dustiest little village bus stop. But one I could never work up any love for was my hometown of San Francisco’s Transbay Terminal. When I go back for a visit in the future, though, it might be a whole different story.

Postmodernism Chapter 3

Postmodernism Chapter 3 talks about the characteristics of postmodernism and where it fits in. After posing several questions, the author goes on to compare modernism to postmodernism. This comparison he makes is somewhat hesitant because he says that the structure between modernism and postmodernism lies in the ways that they are different.

Neo-Liberalism in America: Big Businesses Taking Over

While by no means is America a Neo-liberalist country, I still feel like some of the main points of Neo-liberalism are things America strives for. Privatization in the United States is something that we are known for. The chance to be able to start your own business was one of the selling points of America, but larger corporations are making this possibility harder and harder to achieve in the more modern world. Years ago, people who were passionate about something could use that passion to create a life. Someone who loved shoes could start a shoe store and someone who wanted to fix cars could open their own shop.

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