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Amtrak Map Represented in the Style of a Subway Map


Cameron Booth, a graphic designer and photographer, has put together a map of the Amtrak Routes in the US to look like a subway map. This diagram is visually interesting and a very unique idea. He has several details of his map on his website and is also selling prints to the pubic. Below is a picture of the map along with a picture of the actual Amtrak map.

Neo-Liberalism in America: Big Businesses Taking Over

While by no means is America a Neo-liberalist country, I still feel like some of the main points of Neo-liberalism are things America strives for. Privatization in the United States is something that we are known for. The chance to be able to start your own business was one of the selling points of America, but larger corporations are making this possibility harder and harder to achieve in the more modern world. Years ago, people who were passionate about something could use that passion to create a life. Someone who loved shoes could start a shoe store and someone who wanted to fix cars could open their own shop.

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