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Can Los Angeles Ever be a Walkable City or Are People Happy With the Way Things Are?


According to a recent column in the LA times, the Los Angeles residents and city officials are happy with the way things are and the majority are not open to change. The author Christopher Hawthorne talks about how he sees a growing number of people opposed to a more pedestrian friendly Los Angeles.

The Top Schools For Urban Planners

Top Planning Schools in the US

The Planetizen 2009 Guide to Graduate Urban Planning Programs — the essential resource for prospective planning students — is now available. Covering 100 programs in the United States and Canada, the Guide features detailed program profiles, listings of the best schools and the insights of current students and planning professionals.

The most important books in planning (although I am behind on my reading)


Death and Life of Great American Cities – to understand what urbanism is and why it works or doesn’t. (For extra credit, you can read her first substantive article on the subject, “Downtown is for People,” which was published in Fortune Magazine in April 1958, and later in the compendium The Vanishing Metropolis–which compiled the 6 articles in the series of pieces commissioned by William Whyte, then the editor of Fortune Magazine. I am proud to say that not only do I have the book…

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