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Forms of Resistance: Politics, Culture, and Architecture

In the suburbs, fragmentation is a lot less. People have much more in common and use these common characteristics to make connections with others in the society. I would argue that in a suburb, the word society refers to a group of people who share a common goal while the word society in the city would refer to a group of people who share a common area. The difference is that the suburbs have common culture in housing, schooling, and work.

$14M in public funding approved for Washington Park redevelopment


A large crowd gathered at City Hall yesterday afternoon to hear Cincinnati City Council’s Budget & Finance Committee discuss a financing plan for the redevelopment of Washington Park in historic Over-the-Rhine. After much discussion, the committee approved $14 million in public funding for the $47.4 million project by a 6-0 margin with Charlie Winburn (R) abstaining and both Leslie Ghiz (R) and Chris Monzel (R) absent.

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