Stuck in Studio: A new site that gives resources to architecture students


Everyone knows that architecture students are always in studio. As an architecture student you are expected to pull all nighters and go days without sleep right before your final presentation. Stuck in Studio is a way to give architecture students a way to connect with other architecture students, a way to find a job after graduation, and overall a way to take a break from that project you have been slaving over for the last 6 hours straight.

Stuck in Studio has a resource page that provides articles pertinent to students (job search, competitions, and tools) as well as directs students to other sites that can help them find what they need.

The blog gives students a way to find inspiration. Unlike most architecture blogs, the Stuck in Studio Blog tries to provide articles that are specific to architecture students. Posts that tell what architecture programs are up to keep students connected, and posts about historical architecture add relevance to all that stuff that you cram into your brain for those architecture history courses.

In the future we plan to grow as more and more students start using the site. Eventually there will be a forum so that you can share discussions with studio related topics and there will be a store where you can purchase architecture student apparel.

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