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Amtrak Map Represented in the Style of a Subway Map


Cameron Booth, a graphic designer and photographer, has put together a map of the Amtrak Routes in the US to look like a subway map. This diagram is visually interesting and a very unique idea. He has several details of his map on his website and is also selling prints to the pubic. Below is a picture of the map along with a picture of the actual Amtrak map.

China’s 3D Express Coach: The Bus That Can Drive Over Cars


China is currently developing a bus that is elevated above the road leaving it possible for cars to drive underneath it. This new bus is a great idea for China because it removes the necessity to widen the existing infrastructure (roads.) The Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment Company is calling this new bus the “3D Express Coach.”

The most important books in planning (although I am behind on my reading)


Death and Life of Great American Cities – to understand what urbanism is and why it works or doesn’t. (For extra credit, you can read her first substantive article on the subject, “Downtown is for People,” which was published in Fortune Magazine in April 1958, and later in the compendium The Vanishing Metropolis–which compiled the 6 articles in the series of pieces commissioned by William Whyte, then the editor of Fortune Magazine. I am proud to say that not only do I have the book…

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