Christoph Gielen: Photographing the Bird’s Eye View of Urban Sprawl


Christoph Gielen is a photographer born in Germany but currently lives in New York. He has been taking pictures of landscapes in America, particularly pictures of urban sprawl. These photos (or aerial studies) are a look at land use in American and are meant to explore how art and the environment relate. These photos are meant to examine and reconsider the way we are designing the built environment. He understands that the way we are currently building suburbia is not sustainable and this type of development needs to stop.

His artistic pictures are the end result of a long satellite search for the most geometrically provoking landscape. He then flies over the landscape in a helicopter and photographs.

Christoph Gielen is currently working with cinematographer Michael Kalem from the Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth to create a video project.

Suburbs Aerial 4

Suburbs Aerial 3

Suburbs Aerial 2

Suburbs Aerial 5

Learn more about Christoph on his website.

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